The American Journal of Arcane and Obscure Research (AJAOR) is an online journal that publishes nonfiction essays and studies on unusual subjects in science, history and culture. Its purpose is to highlight topics that are neglected by academe or other mainstream institutions due to sociopolitical bias, subcultural status, lack of curiosity, lack of funding, ignorance, apparent triviality or any other reason.  It is based in Boston, Massachusetts. AJAOR welcomes submissions. Submitted material may be of any length; must not have been previously published; must consist of original research documented with a bibliography and/or footnotes/endnotes; and must be written from a rational, scientific and skeptical perspective. Publication will be at the sole discretion of the AJAOR editor. There is no compensation for publication and the author retains copyright for any future use or publication purposes. Professional and amateur authors from anywhere in the world are welcome to submit. Submissions should be emailed to americanjaor@gmail.com.

Unless otherwise noted, all content here is copyrighted and may not be reproduced without written permission.

Scientia potestas est. Argumentum omnipotestas est.


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